Tuesday 25 February 2020
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Valvai Massacre by IPKF (Nick named Indian Peace Killing Force) of 1989

Valvai Massacre by IPKF (Nick named Indian Peace Killing Force) of 1989

The Time is 1989 August 02nd Morning.

Place: Valvai Market square.

An un-expected confrontation between IPKF and the LTTE occurred.

6 soldiers of the IPKF were killed and 11 were injured.

The losses must have infuriated IPKF. For, thousands of soldiers from the three IPKF camps around Valveddithurai descended on Valveddithurai and surrounded it. A curfew for 3 days instantly declared. People who had sought the safety of their homes with fear, had locked themselves.

The Indian soldiers broke open the doors and killed the people in cold blood and close range.

In this Massacre 63 residents of Vallveddithurai lost their lives.

Hundreds were injured. The French Medicine group which rushed to the spot to assist the injured were not allowed by the IPKF to treat the injured.

124 Houses were completely damaged; 45 shops were burnt down; 12 fishing boats were damaged completely; 173 sets of fishing nets were burnt. Gold jwellery and electrical appliances in the homes were robbed by the Indian Soldiers. Large number of women was subjected to rape and sexual violence.

A few months before this atrocity the IPKF Area Commander, Brigadier Sangar Prasath had called the members of people committees and boasted to them thus: If the LTTE attack the Indian Army I will burn down your villages. I will shoot down hundreds of people. Your villages will burn like Sri Lanka in Ramayana. Nobody can do anything to us. we are the 4th biggest Army in the world.

That is exactly what happened at Valveddithurai on that day along with Urany and polykandy around 2 Kms. from Valveddithurai.

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