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Vamaradchchi Fishermen issue warning – We will get into the sea to stop Indian Fishermen if government and Navy will not act

If the Government and Navy will not get a solution within one week to prevent Indian Fishermen from transgressing into Sri Lankan seas, we will get into the sea catch them warned the Vadamaradchchi fishermen yesterday.

The local fishermen are seriously affected by the transgression of Indian Fishermen, on a daily basis. Our livelihood is affected very much. We cannot just watch their trawlers and Kullampadies exploits our resources and destroying our equipment.

Hence the Navy and the Government should get a good solution within one week for the transgression of Indian fishermen if not we will get into the sea to catch the Indian Fishermen, they  had said.

Meanwhile, An Indian Trawler rammed on to a local boat destroying it completely. But fortunately two fishermen manning the boat escaped miraculously. This incident had been reported to relevant authorities.