Sunday 21 April 2019
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The Vanni disaster caused permanent Corneal damages: Dr. Jamunanantha

The Vanni disaster caused permanent Corneal damages: Dr. Jamunanantha

Dr. S.Jamunanantha pointed out that while the Vanni Disaster has caused a Social Trauma , it has also caused permanent Corneal Damages to most of the people who had gone through the Vanni Disaster. People should be made aware of it.

During the 2006 -2009 Vanni Disaster, Tamil people suffered by several thousands of bombs and shells that were showered on them. Several thousands were killed and several thousands were injured. However, the afflictions in the eyes of the people due to the explosions had not been identified even after 10 years had passed after the end of the war.

80% of the people affected by the explosions are affected in their visionary sense. Thus, there are several type of affectation in vision. 90% of them are the affectations in the corneal area. As there are no veins in this area, the afflictions to them are not visible openly. They are affected by the following diseases:

1.Corneal Nano Metasis 2. Low level corneal lacerations. 3. Corneal Scarring.

These may have been caused by the shock waves of the explosions. They could have impacted the cornea at speeds from 10,000 – 30,000 m/s and caused indirect affectations. There are chances of Macular Oedema and Diffused retinal haemorrhage being caused in the eyes.

It is notable that the Tamil people who had survived aerial bombing have become  permanent evidences showing that Tamil people were subjected to aerial bombing during Vanni war.

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