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Vavuniya Agriculture School remembers students killed

A solemn ceremony was held at Vavuniya Agriculture School to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the killing of five students on November 11, 2006.

Principal of the school Kumuthiny Chandrakanthan chaired. Homage was paid by students and staff to the portraits of the murdered students.

International truce monitors, which had  monitored and documented ceasefire violations during the peace process said Sri Lankan troops entered a school and opened fire on a group of students at close range on Nov. 18, killing five of them, after a deadly Tamil Tiger ambush nearby on government forces.

The students were shot dead in an Agriculture school in Vavuniya shortly after a Tamil Tiger blast killed five soldiers in the area.

“These soldiers fired indiscriminately at a group of students who had thrown themselves on the ground seeking safety after an LTTE (Tamil Tiger) claymore mine blast nearby,” Helen Olafsdottir, spokeswoman for the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission  Reuters in 2006.

“Witnesses say that soldiers jumped over the fence, into the agricultural school premises, and opened fire,” she added.