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Vavuniya police rescue 60 years woman locked up for 8 days

A 60 years old woman who was locked up in a house at Krumankadu on Kalikovil road, in Vavuniya, alone was rescued by Vavuniya Police yesterday and admitted to hospital. This incident occurred at around 5 p.m. yesterday.

This house at Krumankadu on Kalikovil road, and its front gate had remained locked for the last 8 days. Seeing the woman moving around the neighbours had fed her going over the wall. The neighbours became suspicious , when her movements were not visible from day before yesterday’s morning they had informed the police at the Tamil Complaints section by telephone through a media man.

A police team led by the OIC, Vavuniya Police came to the spot, went over the boundary wall, open the door of the house to find the lady trembling in weakness. As the physical condition of the woman had deteriorated,  the police had admitted her to the Vavuniya Hospital.

It was reported that the husband and son had left her alone for the last 8 days. It is also notable that the house was also in a dilapidated state.

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