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Vavuniya relatives of Missing persons join the struggle

The struggle of the Kilinochchi District Relatives of the Missing Persons entered its 5th day yesterday and the Vavuniya relatives re-started their Attention drawing struggle in Vavuniya.

The Relatives of the missing persons of Kilinochchi started their struggle on last Monday demanding to find their relatives who had gone missing and made to disappear after surrendering to the Security Forces. This struggle which was started in front of Kilinochchi Kandaswamy Kovil continued into the fifth day the Temple administrators provided necessary food for the people participating in the struggle.

At the same time, the relatives of the missing persons of Vavuniya also had started a cycling struggle from yesterday under the organization of the Association to find missing persons. A special pooja was held at the Vavuniya Kanthasamy Temple around 11.30 A.m. and after the worship the strugglers went in procession along clock tower road, sat down in front of the Post Office and continued their struggle.

The relatives of the missing persons of Vavuniya District started a fasting protest on 23rd of last month. The struggle continued for four days. On the 4th day the fast was given up following promise from State Minister for Defence. Although a meeting was held in Colombo regarding this no solution was found.

In this context, the 2nd stage of the struggle was started yesterday.