Tamil Diplomat

‘Victors, losers must celebrate alike peacefully’: President

President appeals to victors and losers to celebrate in a peaceful manner without infringing any one’s rights causing harm.

President made the above request addressing the nation after the conclusion of the election. In his statement, President Maithripala Sirisena said:

‘ I called on all concerned, victors and losers alike, to enjoy the Election results today (18) and tomorrow (19) in a peaceful manner without physically or mentally harming anyone, in a manner that would earn the country respect at home and abroad.

This General Election was unprecedented in the country’s history as being the most peaceful one ever held. The Elections Commissioner and Elections Department officials, the Inspector General of Police and all Police officers for their commitment and dedication towards conducting a free, fair and just Parliamentary Election.

The lesson to be learnt is that the Leader of the State should not be involved in election campaigning. S/he should remain neutral. Using the power afforded to the  Leader of the State to influence the Police is not just and such a use of the Executive powers has led to many a black-mark in the past. This time around, the Elections Commissioner, Elections Department officials including Returning Officers, the IGP and Police officials, the security forces and those high up in the Army, used powers afforded to them to conduct their duties to the fullest capacity with utmost dedication. Foreign monitors too extended their fullest support.