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Vihare constructed at Thiruketheeswaram can not be removed, says Ministry of Buddah Sasana

The Ministry of Buddha Sasana  announced in Parliament that the Vihare constructed in close proximity to Thiruketheeswaram  Temple cannot be removed.

Charles Nirmalanathan, during the Oral question time asked, Whether the Buddha Sasana Minister knows that the Hindu temple in Thiruketheeswaram is a holy worship place of the Hindus and that a Buddhist Vihare is being illegally built in a land in close proximity Thiruketheeswaram Hindu Temple, owned by a private person, Kanapathypillai Wijayakumar? Will the Minister take action to stop the illegal construction of the Vihare ?

The Ministry in answer said that some time back a Vihare was constructed and that although a letter has been sent to the Land Commissioner , until the ownership of the land is confirmed no further action could be taken.