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Villages of Mulaitheevu to face flood disaster

Villages of Mulaitheevu to face flood disaster, as the low bridge of the Koddaikaddiyakulam has been not converted to overhead bridge. Because of this the people living in the villages of Koddaikaddiya kulam and Ampalaperumall kuld are to encounter flood Disaster.

Said low bridge in found on the Thunnukkai – Akkarayan road. During rainy season the spill water from Koddaikaddiyakulam will flow submerging this bridge and the villages will be isolated transport and travelling will be cut off. Teachers and students travel to Koddaikaddiyakulam GTM School and farmers cannot reach their paddy fields.

Although the people of the area have continuously requested politicians and officials for more than 10 years, the overhead bridge had not been constructed so far. Because of this around 300 families in Koddaikaddiyakulam will be facing the flood distress this year too.