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Volunteer teachers demonstrate in front of CM’s Office

The Volunteer teachers held a demonstration in front of the CM’s Office yesterday. Because of the delay in providing permanent appointments to volunteer teachers, one Volunteer teacher of the Thunukkai Zone, Kaneswaran Thavarangini (38) had committed Suicide. The above Demonstration was held to highlight her death.

Approval was granted by the cabinet for 182 of the total 680 volunteer teachers were to be granted with permanent appointment. However it was alleged that misdeeds had occurred in the selection. 490 teacher who had been left out held protest over it. The CM intervened and the appointment were suspended.

However when news leaked out that appointments are to be given to the 182 this month the teacher had committed suicide , said the protesters.

Following this the volunteer teachers congregated in front of CM’s office in protest. The CM talked to them found out the details. He went onto promise them to intimate matters to Colombo Education Ministry and obtain reply for the Volunteer teachers. Thereupon the demonstrators dispersed.