Tamil Diplomat

Vote for Maithripala: Sampanthan

Sampanthan has stated that the government has missed an opportunity to find a reasonable, lasting political solution to the ethnic problem, wherer all can live with honouy and self respect after the end of the war. He made this statement when he was asked about the current presidential poll. He continued:-

“Our stand is that a reasonable, lasting and practical political solution be found within an undivided Sri Lanka. We have been reiterating this stand since the end of the war in 2009.

This has been known to the whole country and to the world. Therefore, there is hardly any reason for us to make any secret pacts with anybody.

It is our fervent view and position that before any solution is found, the people in the entire island must be appraised of it and it is in such a context, that a lasting political solution can be found. Therefore, there is no need for us to have any secret pact with anybody and for that matter with the common opposition candidate and to deceive the people of the country.

Furthermore, this is our country and we do not want to betray this country to the international community. This everybody must understand.

This country is treading on a dictatorial path and urgency has arisen to deter that and preserve democracy. If we ignore that fact and be indifferent, nobody can save this country.

People need not believe the fictitious statements made by the government and its supporters accusing the Tamil National Alliance and the Common Opposition Front for their personal gains.

If a political solution acceptable to all is to be found within an undivided country, it will be good for all the people and the entire country. We reiterate that such deal will be transparent. Therefore, a change is necessary. That means the present government cannot go on.

Being conscious of this situation, all people must cast their votes at presidential poll to be held on January 8, the polling percentage must increase and vote for the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena.