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Vote with Tamil Nationalism in the fore: Mannar Bishop in his election statement

By electing people who will put Tamil National Interests to the fore, We could become a  deciding force in the Sri Lankan politics, the Bishop of Mannar, Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph in a statement issued through his Vicar General, Rev.Fr. A.Victor Sosai, yesterday.

The Liberation struggle of Tamil started with non-violent ways, which evolved into an armed struggle, which was brought to an end by several circumstances in 2009. Although the armed struggle had come to an end, the struggle for our rights has not ended. Thus, our only hope is our democratic power.

We have been called now to utilize the democratic rights in a due way, and to think and act in a ways which will win our rights. We could guarantee our rights by using the ballot in our hand in a proper way.

We, the minority people demonstrated our voting power to the International community and this country, in the last Presidential election. Another chance had come for us.

Particularly in a context where the majority Parties are contesting with equal strength, by using our votes intelligently, we could win our political, livelihood and basic rights, he had said.