Tamil Diplomat

Voyage for the solution will continue: Sampanthan

“ I thank from the heart, the Tamil people who had given us a grand victory in the 8th Parliamentary election, on behalf of my party and myself.” said Era. Sampanthan, the Leader of the TNA, after final official results were announced.

The Tamil people had voted to us loving the Tamil Nationalism and respecting the Motherland and without giving ear to the false propaganda especially aimed at TNA and without selling themselves for privileges. We have won again by the grand voting of our people.

Certain singleton political parties and independent groups carried out stronger and stronger false and vicious propaganda against the TNA as the election drew nearer and nearer. But these singleton political parties and independent groups had failed miserably in their attempt to draw Tamil people away from us.

Tamil People had given a retribution to these vicious and malicious groups. However,  it seems from some of our people were confused by these propagandas.

Although we could not reach our target of winning 20 seats we were able to score a grand victory with 16 seats, he said.