Tamil Diplomat

Walk calling for justice, from Eliphant pass to Kilinochchi

A protest walk from Elephant pass  to Kilinochchi with a theme of “From Elephant pass to UN” was undertaken yesterday with several demands including finding out the missing persons.

This protest walk was started in front of Umaiyalpuram Amman Kovil and ended in front of the UN office in Kilinochchi. A memorandum was also handed over to the UN Office.

The walk was organized by the Public Organizations and the federation of Rural Development societies. following demands were cited in the memorandum handed over at the UN:

  • International Investigations should be undertaken with regard to War crimes committed in Sri Lanka.
  • Justice should be delivered for the person made to go missing; They should be found out.
  • TPPs should be released.
  • Stop Buddihistization of Tamil areas. Remove all recently erected Buddha Statues in Tamil areas Resettlement of displaced person should be expedited.