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If war crimes of the Army is proved with evidence punishment is assured, says Northern Governor

The Governor, Northern Province, Dr. Suren Ragavan said yesterday that UN was informed of the Sri Lankan stance of punishing the offenders if the War Crimes of the Sri Lankan Army in the final war are proved with evidence.

He said this during a press conference held at his office following the Geneva sittings held this month. Elaborating further he said that he attended Geneva sessions on the invitation of the President and that his anticipation is that the Tamil factions should attend the Geneva sessions in 2021 as a single team.

People handed over 16 documents to me to submit in Geneva. But, as only matters regarding Sri Lanka could be submitted in Geneva these documents were not submitted there. However, although 20 minutes were allocated for matters given to me by the people, I discussed them for around one hour in excess to the allocated 20 minutes.

Although I went as a Government representative, I assured that punishment will be meted out to offenders, if the war crimes of the SL Army are proved with evidence. I expressed the opposition to international judges investigating war crimes  alleged to be committed in the final war.

He also said that funds had been allocated to establish OMPs  and people could seek remedial measures through them.