Tamil Diplomat

War Crimes report to be handed over to the President

A copy of the UNHRC report on war crimes is to be handed over to the President today, it is reported. This is done as per the tradition of handing over the copy report to the head of the accused government before the subsequent UNHRC sittings.

Earlier it was stated in the election campaign meetings that 41, Officers of the Armed Forces and 2 civilians are accused in the report.

Later Channel 4 reported that a secret agreement had been reached between UNHRC and the Government to institute a international level internal mechanism to investigate the war crimes. UNHRC sessions will start on September 14th.

It is expected that America will submit a document releasing Sri Lanka from war crimes accusations.

A Sinhala media reported that, it is said in this report that, Sri Lanka had followed the norms that should be adhered by a government in war situation and that no war crimes had occurred.