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War Criminals should be punished, Gen. Sarath Fonseka to Jaffna Media

I could take the responsibility of directing the war and devising the tactics, but, if someone had acted contravening the Human Rights, and had committed offences, they will have to take responsibility for that, said General Sarath Fonseka in an interview granted to a media based in Jaffna. Anybody can punish them.

The incidents like white – flag incident happened in the last six days of the war and I was abroad on those days and I am not going to take responsibility for incidents occurred on those days, he had said. Mahindha and Gotabhaya who  had committed frauds and corruptions should have been in prison.

If Mhindha and Gota built a 4-storied bunker in fear of LTTE’s small aircrafts, then, they are not fit to be nation’s leaders, he had said.