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We are not allowed to re-settle in our own lands: Lament people of Paravipanchchan

The people of Paravipanchchan village, coming under the Karaichchi Divisional Secretary’s area of the Kilinochchi District, had lamented that they are not being allowed to re-settle in their lands in Paravipanchchan, for which , they are having permits and that they are living in rented houses and also carry out their livelihood activities.

 Although permission had been grated to people of the Kilinochchi District in 2010 to resettle, they are not allowed to resettle, they said.

 Nearly 75 families are affected by this refusal.

They had undertaken several attention drawing demonstration, but to no avail.

However, they expressed hope that, they will be able to go to their own lands and houses, at least,   in this new year and under the administration of the new regime.