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We are not terrorists, but ordinary men: Tamil Political prisoners write to Shobitha Thero

Tamil political prisoners in a letter addressed to Mathuluwewe Shobitha Thero,   have informed that  they have commenced a “Fast unto Death” from yesterday and requested him to visit and bless them.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

We the Tamil political prisoners wish to inform your Hon. self that, we are languishing in various prisons for various reasons for last several years. We deserve to be released on general amnesty considering  the unjustified imprisonment we are subjected to.

The people of the country expected that the cloud of war hanging over the motherland will be lifted. But some different had happened.  Only the terrorism was eradicated completely. The abuse of power and resources had occurred. Traditional excellence and democracy of the country had been insulted by the rulers for their self interest.

Some people say that we are terrorists. But we consider us Political Prisoners. We have not engaged in any anti social activities. The Minister of justice had said that there are political prisoners. We would like to say that as long as political issues are there the existence of political prisoners is inevitable. We are ordinary  men.

When we start to describe the tribulations we have undergone , for several years , in some cases up to 23 years of incarceration, we run out of words. The New Government had done nothing on our behalf. Is it fair that we are punished?

Your Hon. had once said that, the reconciliation efforts should be pursued, people unjustifiably detained , remanded and convicted should be released and that the lands encroached by the Armed Forces should be handed over to the people, who lived in them earlier. We have not tasted the fruits of the regime change or good governance.

You have a say among educated people as well as ordinary people. You are obliged to consider our problem with a merciful eye. Only you can understand the pains wracking our minds. We consider you as the Morning star shining on the path we are to travel. We consider that you hold the master key  to our happy future.

We most humbly request your Hon. self to take appropriate steps to terminate our tribulation in prison.

We wish to be blessed by your kind and Hon self. We hope that your Hon. will visit us and bless us. Please be kindly informed that we have commenced a “Fast unto Death” from yesterday.

Thanking your Hon., in anticipation of an early response, we remain,