Tamil Diplomat

We are ready to support TPC : the ITAK President, Mawai Senathyrajah

Declaring that the ITAK is ready to support the TPC’s activities related to the interests of Tamil people, the Leader of ITAK, Mawai Senathyrajah, further said that we should lend our ears to the democratic activities of TPC.

He was answering the question of media men after the meeting with the public at the Puthur Pradeshiya Sabai, at around 2.30 pm. yesterday. We believe that the TPC will be of assistance to TNA.TPC had said that we should work for the realization of a political solution. We should lend our ears to such democratic activities. We are trying to realize the objectives quoted in our election manifesto. We are ready to hear any suggestions from anybody regarding these matters. If TPC will put forward effective suggestion we will consider them also, he said.