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We will address concerns of Tamils: President in Jaffna

‘Our government is determined to address the concerns of the Tamil community and effect redress. We have taken initial steps in that direction to resolve the problem of land acquisition by the former government. We are committed to resolve resettlement issue’ President Maithripala Sirisena stated in Jaffna on Tuesday.
He was addressing the Coordinating Committee of the Jaffna District, President Maithripala Sirisena stated that he is indebted to the Jaffna people for the support extended to him during the polls. During the brief period, we have been in power, we have taken certain measures to respond positively to address concerns expressed by Tamil leaders. The people of the North have been demanding for a long time for the appointment of a civilian as Governor of the North. It was a reasonable demand because they detested militarization of their soil. That has now been resolved.
He stated that the farmers of the North are exemplary farmers in the island and their problems will be solved to improve the country’s agriculture. He has reports with him to say that around 80000 women have become widows following the conflict and the government will address those problems.
He added that the land acquisition by the previous government has been a serious concern of the Tamil people and their leaders for it is a livelihood issue. Steps have been taken to release a set of lands soon. The other lands too will be released in stages after studying the issue. Even lands in the South had been grabbed by the former government.