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We will make our votes into weapons and win our cause: Sampanthan calls from Trincomalee

To achieve the objectives of the Tamils soon, all Tamil people living in the Tamil home lands in of the North and East should convert their votes into weapons in the election to be held on the Aug. 17th, called the leader of the TNA and the chief candidate for Trincomalee Ra. Sampanthan.

He was speaking in a TNA meeting held yesterday, at the grounds near Trincomalee Sivan Kovil, to  introduce the TNA candidates.

After the armed struggle had been silenced the democratic struggle of the Tamils is continuing now. This struggle will continue till we reach a situation where we can live will all our rights and we can rule ourselves.

If Tamil people in North and East transform their votes into weapons,  we could evolve into a bargaining force. Thus we could also change into a strong power in the international arena and get a proper solution for us. The International Society has started to look at us. we must use this opportunity, he said

Mawai Senathyrajah, Selvam Adaikalanathan, Suresh Prmachandran, M.A.Sumanthiran Ministers of EPC, K.Thurairajasingham, and Thandayuthapany,  participated in this meeting along with the candidates for Trincomalee , the TNA members of EPC and Local Government Bodies.