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We will not accept any solution without power. Solution before the end of the year, says Era Sampanthan

The Parliament will be a council to give solution to the long term problems of the Tamil people and we expect that the solution will be reached before the end of this year, said the leader of the TNA and Leader of the Opposition, Era Sampanthan.

He was talking in a discussion with people under a theme of “Today’s political environment and the political solution for the Tamil people” yesterday.

The TNA is confident that the government will present a fair. No one should be pessimistic that we will accept a solution without power.

Anybody can submit suggestions. But those suggestion should not disturb the southern forces, he said. Our people had excluded any privileges from the Government, because what they wanted was real power. They have several things, got destroyed. They have patiently undergone disasters and anarchies in the hope getting a good political solution. I hope that the resolution to be adopted in the parliament regarding constitutional Assembly will help to find a permanent solution to the  long term problem of Tamil people, he further said.