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We will not allow the TPPs’ problem to drag on indefinitely, Sampanthan warns Government in Parliament

There is no legal snag in releasing the TPPs. There is only political problem. Hence will not allow to drag this anymore, said Era Sampanthan, the TNA Leader, while speaking in the parliament on the votes for the President and the Prime Minister. He also insisted the President and the Prime Minister should take action without delay to release the remaining TPPs under General Amnesty.

He also asked the Government why they are hesitating to revoke PTA, which they had promised themselves, to revoke it.

These TPPs are in prison for 15, 20 years. If cases had been filed against them, they would have been released long ago. Some say their release is detrimental to National Security. this is an unrealistic talk.12,000 were released during Mahintha’s time. The JVP is in favour of release. Gen. Fonseka , who led the foerces in the war is in favour of the release. The Government should not delay this matter, he said.