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We will not give even a piece of our lands to the Navy, says Vadduvagal people

Mulliwaikkal East people had firmly said that they will not forgo even a small piece of land to the Navy. They also had rejected the compensation offered by the Defense Ministry  for their lands.

After the end of the war, The established a large camp in Mulliwaikkal East, Mullaitheevu,  617 acre 3 Root 31 perch in extent. The ministry of Defense had asked through Gazette to give these lands to the Navy last year.

Further the Navy earlier attempted to survey this land in order to acquire the lands. But following heavy opposition the surveying work was suspended.

In this context, a meeting with the above land owners of Mulliwaikkal was held at the Karaithuraipattu Divisional Secretariat presided by the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Mrs.Vasantha Perera.

The meeting which commenced yesterday  at around 2.30 p.m. went on for about 2 hours.  During the meeting it was pointed out that out of the total 617 acre on which the Navy Camp is located, 276 acre were state lands and that the balance 341 acre belong to the people and a request was made by the Additional Secretary on behalf of the government, to give these 341 acre to the Navy.

People who heard the request, vehemently said that they will not give even a piece of their land to the Navy and also rejected the compensation offered by the Ministry of Defense.

When the Deputy Leader of the House of the NPC, M.Antony Jeganathan was contacted over the meeting, what he said was given below:

People who own lands in the particular area was invited for the meeting. Although the Vanni District MP, Dr.Sivamohan and NPC member T.Raviharan came for the meeting, they were not allowed and turned off from the meeting. Later MP, Sivamohan and I participated in the meeting.

During the meeting the Additional Secretary and the Navy officials had requested that, with a view to security reasons, to give the lands to the Navy and the Secretary had said that, if they give their lands they will be given maximum compensation. But the people had rejected that request. We have also said that not even a small piece land will be given to the Navy.

In this context, they have said that the owners should identify their lands before 31st and they will earmark the lands to be acquired by next February.

Following this the people were agitated and categorically stated that they will never give their lands. Because of this lot of confusions prevailed in the meeting.  After the people repeatedly refusing to hand over the lands, the meeting came to an end, he said.