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We will wait patiently…As per India’s Request: NPC Chief Minister


In the context of General elections and the war crimes investigations are to be held, we should wait for some more time, said the Chief Minister of NPC Justice C. V. Vickneswaran, while answering to the questions of the Indian Media men, regarding the visit of Indian prime minister, Modi.

So, far, an impression prevailed here that, North Indian have no concern for the difficult situations prevailing here. It is a greatly a consoling matter for us that, the  Indian Prime  Minister had visited directly here and found out the real situation here and had consoled us by saying ‘we are with you’. We have got more hope on India, after his visit.

When asked about Indian prime ministers advice to TNA to keep patience, he said the patience is important, but the government will take action only it pressured. For 67years, we the minorities had kept our patience. Hence if some good will result, there is no wrong in waiting for some more time he said.

He also said to the Indian media men that, it will be better if the people of Tamil Nadu, who act sentimentally on matters connected us, act  more moderately.