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What they about Maithri’s 100-day programme

* The Tamil Leadership could have worked with more enthusiasm to make it a success:  Ananthasangaree, TULF

* A state comedy: Anura Priyathrsana Yapa , General Secretary, SLFP

* People’s expectations not fulfilled: Mawai Senathirajah, Leader, Federal Party.

* 100-day programmed paved the way to act with freedom: Wijekala Maheswaran, State Minister of Women’s Affairs.

* Nothing happened to give hope to minorities: Murugesu Chandrakumar, MP.

* 17 Tamil youths arrested at the Air Port in the 100-day good governance: Ariyanendran, MP, Batticaloa.

*We have saved the country from International Investigation: Ajith P Perera.Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

* Chandrika responsible for all the chaos in the country: Keheliya Rambukwella, Former Media Minister.