Tamil Diplomat

Whichever party forms the government finding a solution to ethnic problem will be a mirage, says the Voice of the Voiceless Organization

Murugaiah Govinthan , the Coordinator of the Voice of the voiceless Organization has said that, it is a matter for regret that the Tamil political leaders are not showing the same interest they show elections today over the interest of the Tamils and the dawn of the Tamil homeland.

He said this while expressing his opinion in the media meeting held at the Jaffna Press Club yesterday.

Elaborating further he said that the elections are to be held amidst Corona threat. Whatever party that will win the forthcoming election and form the government, reaching a solution to the Tamil National ethnic will be a mirage.

The bases of the Tamil Nationalism cannot be subjected to any Compromise or Arbitration. We encountered the loss of thousands of lives to win it over.

The problems we face on a daily basis, the release of Tamil political prisoners, the problem of the people made to disappear and land release are th3e important matters that are to be solved.

The release of the Tamil political prisoners has to be undertaken on a humanitarian basis.79 Tamil political Prisoners are being detained under Emergency and Prevention of terrorism Acts, as prisoners of circumstances, for long periods of 11 -25 years, in the prisons in South Sri Lanka. Further 12 persons are being detained suspected of aiding Re-organization of LTTE.

None of the persons released from prison had been released on a political decision.

Most of the Tamil Leadership are Attorneys at Law. But they have not  taken any action for the release of the TPPs or to transform it to the dimension of a Political problem, he said.