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Why was Prabaharan referred to as ‘ Mr ‘ by Chandrika in Nallur? Mahinda’s anger and Cnandrika’s explanation

Chandrika referring to Prabaharan as ‘Mr’ at an election rally in Nallur has sparked off a controversy in politics. Addressing a meeting in Nallur, Chandrika referred to Prabaharan as ‘ Mr ‘ when she explained that she attempted to hold talks with him. When she referred to Prabaharan as ‘ Mr ‘ there was a welcome response from the audience both when she addressed in English and when her talk was translated into Tamil.

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse criticized her for this during an interview in a State television two days ago. He charged that Chandrika referred to a terrorist as ‘ Mr ’ in a respectful manner, while she did not do so while referring to Mahinda Rajapakse.

President Mahinda Rajapakse too expressed his objection for such a reference by Chandrika, while he was addressing a rally in Kandy. This matter was given a lot of publicity in the UPFA election meetings to win votes of the Sinhalese people.

In such a context, she is constrained to offer an explanation. Addressing a media meeting at her residence, She explained that it was reference in a lighter strain.