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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Nenje Ezhu

Centuries have passed since the advent and proliferation of organised music, and for decades now, we have been entertained meticulously by recorded symphonies; but nothing beats a live show! Call it the thrill, call it the feeling, or call it even ARR-fanaticism, but there’s still more to what’s in store this season. Here, we have compiled a handful of those compelling reasons why you just cannot afford to miss Nenje Ezhu.

1. Choicest best

AR Rahman’s cine career began in the early 90’s and has only stayed consistently at the top of the charts, all the way, till date. While all his compositions are inviting and attractive as a rule, there is hardly any song of his, which slips away from belonging in anybody’s favourite-list. Yet, the Nenje Ezhu team has worked to compile only the best of the best, the richest of the rich compositions, to be performed live.

2. Eloquence

Music has no lingual barriers, and so, Rahman has touched our souls and moved our hearts in every language. However far he might have taken his music, we, back at home, still hold his prowess especially close to heart, to have put our city, state and language on the world map for one more reason. And Nenje Ezhu serves to pump the very esteem: the entire show will be performed exclusively in Tamil.

3. The feat

Musical compositions have grown progressively complex over the years, thanks to technology. With negligible exception in its abundance, all songs that are doled out to music loving ears today, undergo pasteurisation through recording and modifying. And to think of ARR’s compositions, it is next to impossible to create the same effect as recorded music, from a stage, right? Actually, no. Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime, to be surrounded by instruments and be drowned in real-time music. We’re talking a deal of 70 string orchestra at play. Live.

4. Pinnacles

Speaking of ARR’s compositions, it is impossible to account for the best of the best, without the ones rendered by SP Balasubramaniam and Hariharan. A concert by SPB is grandeur. A concert by Hariharan is grandeur. But what do you call a programme where these two stalwarts perform on the same stage, and that too for AR Rahman? We are running out of words in our vocabulary to describe the musical magnificence. Be there to experience the incomparable.

5. Tug of war?

Some people like the young streak, while some are drawn to the seasoned speciality, but all of us like ARR alike. He is a composer who has worked with singers of every age, catering to fans of every taste. With Hariharan, Unni Krishnan, Swetha Mohan, Aryan Dinesh, SPB, and Naresh Iyer and the likes performing at the concert, Nenje Ezhu is the symphony horizon of two generations. Sport of multiple genres, energy from across various ages, and compilation of compositions across three decades – if we were to describe the spirit of Nenje Ezhu, we’d call it ‘music’.

Reasons may be many, but destination is the same. Mark your calendars and prepare yourself for good music on the 16th at Nenje Ezhu, for a great start to a happy new year ahead!