Tamil Diplomat

Widow of Bangladesh blogger challenges to speak-out for secularism

The widow of a blogger who was hacked to death in Bangladesh says she will continue to speak out on the causes of secularism and science. Rafida Bonya Ahmed was also badly injured when her US-Bangladeshi husband Avijit Roy was killed after leaving a book fair in Dhaka last month. She said to the Media that she was recovering slowly and had few memories of the attack.

Mr Roy’s family said he had received threats after publishing articles promoting secular views, science and social issues on his Bengali-language blog, Mukto-mona, which in English denotes Free Mind. He had defended atheism in a Facebook post, calling it a “rational concept to oppose any unscientific and irrational belief”. Police say they suspect he was killed by religious extremists. A group of men wielding meat cleavers ambushed the couple after they left Dhaka University on 26 February.