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Wigneswaran boycotts Investment Forum organized by Governor

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province,  C.V. Wigneswaran, boycotted  the International Investment Forum organized by the  Northern Province Governor Reginold  Cooray  in Jaffna yesterday , the New Indian Express reported.

In a letter written to Cooray last week, Vigneswaran objected to the Governor’s organizing the forum without consulting him. He said that the elected representatives of the people of the Northern Province  ought to have been consulted on the needs of the province before inviting investors.

The proper way was to have conducted a survey to find out what kind of investment people in the war-affected province want and then gone on to invite the right kind of investors. The Govenor did nothing of that sort. Wigneswaran said, he would not be attending the forum as he had  to attend a meeting on the development of the Northern Province with the Prime Minister in Colombo.