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Wigneswaran no more a judge to be neutral: Sampanthan

Tamil National Alliance Leader R.Sampanthan has stated that Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran is no more a judge sitting over a trial to be neutral. He is now the Chief Minister of Northern Province elected to office sequel to his candidature being promoted by a political party, the TNA. He must be conscious of the new role.

Responding to the media, he stated that his conduct in not palying an appropriate role in the election campaign of the TNA during the last general election which was recognized as crucial one has caused concern among party circles and the Tamil people.

He stated that it is obligatory for those who win election under a party symbol and assume office following the party’s political campaign to participate in the party’s activities and work for it. This norm is applicable to Wigneswaran also. He cannot be an exception.

He further stated that however the issues between Wigneswaran and the party are trivial and can be sorted out.

He added that Wigneswaran is a politician of high integrity and honest.