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Wigneswaran refuses Deneeswaran’s conditions to withdraw Contempt of Court hearing

The case against the former NPC CM Justice Wigneswaran, was taken up for hearing Appeal Court yesterday. Although, it was expected that Deneeswaran will withdraw the case, the case was not withdrawn.

Counsel Suren Fernando appearing for the petitioner Denishwaran informed Court that his client is ready to withdraw the contempt of court application subject to several conditions including the tendering apology to the petitioner and the withdrawal of appeal petitions filed in Supreme Court by the respondents.

When asked why he did not withdraw the case Deneeswaran said, Attorney of Lawyers (AALs) of both factions conferred on the matter and his AAL had placed 4 conditions to withdraw the case:

  1. Withdrawal of the case filed against the order in favour of Deneeswaran
  2. Apologizing the court for not implementing the court Order.
  3. Apologizing to Deneeswaran for dismissing him improperly.
  4. Paying the case cost of around 4,000,000/= to Deneeswaran.

However, President’s Counsel K. Kanag-Iswaran appearing for former Chief Minister Wigneswaran disagreed with the proposal and told court that his client is ready to face the trial.

Accordingly, A. Pathinadan, chief secretary to the Northern Province gave evidence as a witness called by the petitioner. In his evidence, the witness affirmed that he had received a copy of the interim order issued by Court of Appeal confirming B. Denishwaran can continue as a Provincial Council Minister. Further hearing fixed for today (16).

The petitioner B.Denishwaran had challenged Northern former Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran in the Court of Appeal, complaining that the Chief Minister had no power to appoint or remove any Provincial Council minister.

Deneeswaran said that, he is prepared to drop demands 3, 4. I am to testify today. After my testimony there is no room for conciliation.