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Wigneswaran requests to hand over control of, Investors Information Centre to NPC

The Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister, C.V. Wigneswaran has requested to hand over the control of Investors Information Centre, established in Jaffna by the Reconciliation Task Force.

The Investors Information Centre was opened in the Jaffna Secretariat by the Reconciliation Task Force, headed by the former President Chandrika Banadaranayake.

This office is operating in a way by which all the information related to Investments from it. Officials Representing the departments administered by the Central Government and the Departments of the Provincial Government are working here. The said office is operating for the last two months in the District Secretariat.

In this context the CM has requested to hand over the administration of the Office to the Provincial Council. The Administration of the District Secretariat has not taken any decision, it is learnt.