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Wigneswaran said the truth:  Money for resettlement of Tamils granted to Army, says Swamynathan

The Minister of Resettlement D.M.Swamynathan has said in Jaffna that the money allocated to the resettlement of Tamils is being granted to the Army. He also accepted the accusation made by NPC CM, Wigneswaran are true.

Northern CM had said recently that large amount of money allocated for the resettled Tamils had been given to the Army.

Minister Swamynathan who came to participate in an event in Jaffna answered as above to questions of the media regarding the said matter. Although the Minister denied the accusation of the CM first, he later changed his stance to say,  “ I will not say what the CM had said is wrong. There are several buildings of the Army in the lands of the people. We have to do monetary assistant to remove the buildings. Then only they will remove the buildings. The people could be resettled only after that.

We are giving large amounts of money form the money allocated for the people. What the CM said is true. But if we do not give the money we will not get the lands.

If the Ministry of Defence should pay the money, it has to be done by the President. I am doing my duty. They are asking money and we are giving it.”, he said.