Tamil Diplomat

Wigneswaran spells out TPC’s objectives

Wigneswaran has spelt out three objectives of the Tamil People’s Council in his address at the second sitting of the Council today in Jaffna. He was addressing the Sri Lankan community in Berlin.

In his address he stated that the first objective of TPC is that any liberation movement be a people’s movement with a base at the grass root level. Brokers and middlemen cannot deliver the goods.

He stated that secondly, there has always been a wide gap between political principles and politics in practice. So, there must be a movement to monitor such conduct. Our people are prone to the thinking based on whether this party or that party, whether this leader or that leader. We must go beyond such fallacious thinking.

He explained that our leaders- they may be experts, intelligentsias- have always fallen a prey to praises, flatteries etc to the detriment of the Tamil people. These Tamil leaders, the Tamil crows have dropped the vadais- the cause of the people. That is the sorry plight. So we need a people’s movement to caution them, these Tamil crows, that they are being monitored, to ensure that these Tamil crows hold on to the vadai- the Tamil cause earnestly.

He went on that thirdly it was time that we went beyond party politics. Political parties must function with expertise and transparency. Even if political parties falter, TPC will play a role as a people’s movement.

He stressed that the leaders of the TPC have felt the pulse of the Tamil people and they have read the minds of the people. The leaders of the TPC live among the people as part and parcel of their lives. It is not a political party.