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Wigneswaran is the strength of Tamil people,  says Sampanthan

I think that the decision taken during those days in the selection of Chief Minister is correct, said Leader of the TNA, Era Sampanthan . He further said that Wigneswaran being the Chief Minister is a strength  of the Tamil people.

The launching of “Kalaikkathir”  was held at the Ilankai Venthan College, and Sampanthan, said so participating in the event as the Chief Guest.

When the decision for the Provincial Council Elections was received, it was an important question, as to whom shall be elected as the Chief Minister. We thought deeply on this. We took a unanimous election to make Wigneswaran the CM. He accepted our request, told us that he will need the support of all Tamil political parties and worked in cooperation with  all. It is necessary that a Chief Minister serving in North or East has to be with a high standard. That is the anticipation of our people. If it is like that, it will be a strength to us and the people. In that way, Wigneswaran being elected as the CM of the North confirmed our strength he said.