Tamil Diplomat

“Wigneswaran will campaign for TNA”: Suresh optimistic

Tamil National Alliance Spokesperson Suresh Premachandran has expressed that he was confident that Chief Minister of the Northern Province will participate in the Tamil National Alliance election campaign for norms of political ethics demand such participation.

Speaking to the media that since Wigneswaran holds the Chief Minister post by virtue of being a TNA representative, there can be no pretence of non partisan stance. He was chosen as a common candidate by the constituent parties in the TNA and not by political parties that represent the north. There is no question of common candidacy to avoid attending TNA political campaign.

He pointed out that this was a crucial election to express the mandate for Tamil National Alliance for the resolution of the Tamil issues in the light of a new political culture emerging in the South and Wigneswaran who is part and parcel of TNA should not falter at this juncture.