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Wigneswarn’s criticism of the 13th amendment in front of Modi was “unexpected and embarrassing”: An Indian Official

An Indian Official was quoted as saying by the Indian newspaper The Telegraph that the Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Justice CV Wigneswarn’s public criticism of the 13th amendment in front of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera at the ceremony of the visit of Modi at Library Auditorium of Jaffna Library last Saturday, was “unexpected and embarrassing”.

“Wigneswaran is not the first Lankan Tamil leader to articulate concerns about the potential of the 1987 pact and the 13th amendment to resolve the community’s concerns – but his public articulation in front of Modi and Samaraweera was unexpected”, the senior Indian official said.

“It was embarrassing, but it was also a pointer to just how deep the divisions between Colombo and Jaffna are, yet again.” the Official further said.

While referring the Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi as a proponent of devolution of powers and cooperative federalism, Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Justice CV Wigneswarn had said “13th amendment cannot be a final solution” to the Tamil national question in the Island of Sri Lanka.

“The current 13th Amendment Framework and the existing Sri Lankan constitutional architecture that had evolved since the first Republican Constitution of 1972 without the consent and participation of Tamils of North and East of our Country, poses formidable challenges and hindrances in realizing the quantum of devolution required to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the Tamil Speaking People of North and East of Sri Lanka” Wigneswaran said.

“The emaciated Thirteenth Amendment has not brought the required and expected devolution to the North and East. Even today parallel administrative structures exist one directed by the Centre and the other by the Province despite the appointment of an amiable Governor” he further said.