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Wijeyakala in altercation with youth of Chavatkadu, Anaikoddai youth and police assault the youth

The UNP chief Candidate for Jaffna Wijeyakale Maheswaran was involved in an altercation with the youth of Chavatkadu, Anaikoddai, when they tried to ask her questions.  The youth had said that they had questioned all the candidate who visited their village, but Wijeyakala had said they can’t exert any authority over her.

Ramanan , a worker at the Sandilipay Pradeshiya Sabah, had threatened the youth. Subsequently police was called  in and they had assaulted the youth and one youth was pulled along the road and put in the police vehicle but was released after wijeyakala told the police to release him.

Later the youth said they kept their patience just because wijeyakala is a woman.