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Wild Life Department blocked clearing of Nandi Kadal – Funds returned, says the GA

The District Secretary, Mulaitheevu District has said that although funds were received to clear Nanthikadal, the cleaning cannot be undertaken, as the permission from the Wild Life Department not being forthcoming .

Although, 1,500  fishermen are depending on Nanthi Kadal , its shores has not been cleaned and waters have receded due to the drought.

The fishermen requested last year to deepen the shores and clean the Lagoon. The funds were received for that , but the project cannot be implemented as the approval from the Wild Life Department was not received. The funds allocated and received here for this project had to be sent back, said the GA.

This year also the fishermen had put forward this request, but, we unable to do anything. We have taken up up problem with the Government. A decision had to be taken at the Ministry   level and this had to be done.

It is notable that the Northern Governor had tasked a team led by Prof. Kajapathy of the Jaffna University for studying this problem.