Tamil Diplomat

Will any action be taken, for the accusation of fisher folks of Manner?

The fisher folks at Manner have felt sad, that the Sri Lankan navy has been greatly supportive for the unlawful catching of fish at manner for the Sinhalese fisher-folks. They further expressed their sadness, that though there has been already a ban for using the nylon fishing nets, with the fullest supports of the Sri Lankan Navy, who has indirectly granted permission to the Sinhalese fisher – folks to engage in fishing using nylon nets at the area such as, Chillavathurai, Southbar and Pazhaya Palam.

While such this unlawful catching of fish is going on, suppose the Tamil fisher- folks are engaged in using of nylon fishing nets they will be arrested and produced at the court by the Navy as action of prejudice, so far nobody has taken steps against the biased and unlawful action- Tamil fisher-folks expresses their grievances.

A question being raised up, pertaining the unbiased action of the navy to be unlawful supportive to Sinhalese, whether the justice is one kind for the Sinhalese and to Tamils another one.

They point out that it is unreasonable that the Sri Lankan navy shows prejudice between Tamil and Sinhalese, in the ground of using of nylon fishing nets, Sinhalese are permitted and the Tamils are arrested. The Tamils fisher – folks request that either they must be permitted or Sinhalese folks must be arrested using nylon nets. The official should take the legal action and find solution regarding this dispute, thus make request the affected fisher – folks at manner.