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Will Dhoni’s biopic reveal about his relationship with Raai Lakshmi?

Southern actress seems to be not much happy about Dhoni’s biopic movie revealing about her past relationship with the Indian team captain.

Dhoni and Raai Lakshmi has dated each other some eight years ago and they have later moved on without making any commitments.

‘MS Dhoni: The untold Story’ is set to hit the screens on 30th September and the film has a huge expectation among his fans throughout the world. Earlier reports have claimed that the film will reveal about Dhoni’s lost love Priyanka Jha who has passed away.

Raai Lakshmi, talking about the film has stated that “(Also) it’s not that he (Dhoni) has dated only me in his life. There have been other girls too that he’s been in relationship with after me. And a biopic is much more than just girls and relationships.”