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I will never allow acquisition of land for security forces, says NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

While saying that no approval shall be given by him for the acquisition of lands in the North for the Security Forces, the CM also said that whenever he refuses approval for acquisition, they simply contact Colombo and get the approval.

The 84th sitting of the NPC was held at its Secretariat yesterday and the CM said this during this sitting.

Speaking on the matter, MPc, Sivajilingam said that the CM should pay attention on land acquisition. There are actions taken behind the scenes with regard to acquisition of lands. Today a meeting was scheduled to be held in the District Secretariat with the participation of Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Defence. But when they got to know that we are to undertake a protest, they have shifted the venue to Palaly.

I have already informed the District Secretary that any decision on land had to be taken with the concurrence of the people’s representatives in District Coordination Committee. If any decision is taken excluding this indication we will undertake protest paralyzing Government Department and Security Forces camps, he said. He also said that action is being taken to acquire 1,600 acre in the North.

In reply the CM said that whenever they come to him for any land he always refuse them but I understand that they are obtaining permission from Colombo. I am not aware how they do it and under what law.