Tamil Diplomat

We will not give up our struggle until our lands given to us, Pilavukudiyiruppu people into 3rd day of struggle yesterday

Pilavukudiyiruppu people undertook their struggle continuously for the 3rd day demanding that their lands said to be released by the Air Force be handed over to them.

Although, the District Secretary, Mrs. Rupawathy Ketheeswaran visited the protesters and asked for more time, the people have rejected the request and continuing their strtuggle.

The lands said to be released by the Air Force some time back, have not been handed over to the people so far. Kepapilavu Grama Officer had called the people to be present on last 31st, for measuring and handing over the lands said to be released by the Air Force. Although the people were present at the spot on the stipulated date, no government official was present for task. Feeling cheated the people had gone into a continuous protest struggle.

20 acres of state land was deforested in 2002 and distributed to 84 families in 2003. Displaced during the last stages of the war, the people were allowed to resettle in the area. However, as the lands of the people were occupied by the Air force, they were made to stay in alternate lands.

It also notable that, not only these people , but also people of  Kepapulavu who were also displaced in 2009 are continuing their refugee life as more than 500 pieces of lands belonging to 287 families are occupied by the security forces.