Tamil Diplomat

Will the Vadamaradchchi sea plundered from Tamil Fishermen? Influx of Southern fishermen worry local fishermen

Fishermen from other Districts engage in Beach de mer fishing along Vadamaradchchi coast. They have put up Vaadis and engage in fishing. If we remain lethargic about this the Vadamaradchchi coast will be plundered from us like the border villages of Northern Province being plundered from the Tamils, said the local fishermen.

We will not allow fishermen of other District to engage in catching Beach de mer here. The Military intelligence is threatening us over the Telephone. We will not fear them. We will continue to oppose such acts, they said.

Fishermen from Puttalam, Chilaw and Katpiddy are engaging in beach de mer fishing here. They are exploiting the resources. The livelihood of our fishermen is affected by this.

Marine resources are destroyed. Continuous inimical activities such as cultural deterioration, altering race distribution, and hygienic decadence are being undertaken. This is not a problem of the area. This is a problem of our race. Speedy action had to be taken by the Pradeshiya Saba, District Secretary, Members of the NPC and MPs, they said.