Saturday 31 October 2020
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Will the Vedukkunaarimalai be safeguarded from Buddhist extremist?

Will the Vedukkunaarimalai be safeguarded from Buddhist extremist?

This hill is located in the Palamodai  area in Olumadu of Vavuniya North. The area people is calling this hill which at the centre of thick forest my the name, “ Vedukkunaarimalai”. It is said that this hills drew its name because of the trees which are called Vedukkunari trees are found in abundance in this forest.

According to Professor Pusparatnam, the Head of the Archaeological Department, there are evidence to show that people had inhabited on this hill and the adjoining forests 2,300 years ago.

Notes have been written in Pirakrutha dialect which in use before 1600 years. Some Buddhist monks are trying to rob this hill which is carrying many treasure-like aspects.

However, due to the efforts of the youths of the area their attempt had been stalled and an ‘Aathi Sivan statue had been installed on the apex of the hill. Likewise people had installed statues of Aiyanar, Pillaiyar and Aiyan samy and worshiping them.

This spot, while bearing Histories, it also consists of a main base for North’s Tourist industry within it. But, to date, it remains unknown to many. People there carrying on a struggle to save this hill from Buddhist chauvinism. (Photo and information courtesy: Shalin Stalin Facebook).

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