Sunday 21 October 2018
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Wind for the change has begun to stroke

Wind for the change has begun to stroke

Voters! Think before casting your votes.

Scientificdevelopmentis increasing: wealth is multiplying, but the people feela heavy burden onthem. The poorare becomingpoorer. Stuckin greed, the middle class people are losingthe peace. Those who have money and authority left themselves isolated because of their ungenerousness of sharing the wealth that they have.

Despite the non-core developments, that create the semblance of impression, conducted for the past 10 years, the ordinary people are being subjected to immense troubles. The people are suffering owing to the lack of sufficient food since they do not have the consumption capability to buy the nutritious food available at the market. They are affected without the proper education and health facilities. All of thisis due tothe indirecttax. As the lack ofgood governance andfreedom, the people are living in fear.


Social, economic, political, religious, cultural system existing in our country is functioning against the human values. Changes in these system is utmost important for the wellbeing of the human beings. Executive presidency should be abolished. The country cannot be handed over to either the dynast or the dictatorial monarchy. Transparency in the activities is must. The right to find fact should not be denied. 17th amendment should be implemented. The public money is being wasted due to the bribery, corruption and fraud.

80percent of thelandisin the government’s hand. Therefore, Commissionerof the Lands must be appointed. Acommitteeshould be appointedto provideland.

Land and workers are the assets. Therefore, both of these assets should be properly utilized.

Today, just 30percent ofthoseworkersare employed in agriculture. 11percentof the gross domestic product is earned by them. A prominentplace should be given to agriculture. Lands in the villages and gardens should be productively used.

Good Governance

Equalityto allpeople so asto liveinharmonywhile protecting the humanrights needs to be made for the good governance. The environment, in which religious harmony exists so as to perform religiousdutiesof all religions, should be made.

Transparent and corruption-free administration of the government should strengthen the democracy and the people’s freedom.

Consecrated leadership is needed for building the democracy and freedom so as to create the corruption-free administration. Institutions andorganizations andshouldbesubordinatedto the people. Unjustexploitationsystem that creates the inequality, discrimination, separation andpoverty should be completely wiped out.

Globalizedcapitalistmarket economy should betransformed intothe socialized market economy. Today,our country’seconomydepends onthe hands ofpeople who workabroad. Sri Lanka earns 7 billion American dollars as its annual income from this (which is 10 percentof GDP).18million people aging from 20-35are working inforeign countries. Consequent to that, 28 lakhs of senior citizens aged over 60 years (in 2011), women and childrenare affected. The country has lost its 23 percentage of active workers and their vocational competencies. Serious attention should be given in order to transform the economic structure, which benefits a few, into the economic structure which benefits almost all the people.

As most of the people rely on the householdeconomy, the process of developing the householdeconomy should be made instead of supporting to the open market.

According to the year 2005Statistical reports, Rs.25344 is required per month for a family of4people. According to the statistical report of the 2014 June, it has been calculated that Rs.50791 is required per month for a family of4people. But 80percent of peopledo not getthis required money.

DavidRiccardodevelopedtaxsystem with the intention of maintaining the equality between the rich people and poor people. Butmost of the people whoare payingtaxes in Sri Lanka are poor. Rs52per 1 liter of petrol, Rs17 per 1literof diesel, Rs.135per1kgof Milk powder and Rs.32.50per1kilogram of sugar is paid through indirect Tax. 10 million kilogram of sugar is sold out per day. During the period of 2006 – 2012,household incomegrew by3percent, but thefamilyexpendituregrew by7percent. Today, 40percent of peoplereceivethe day’s income aslesser thanRs.200. Exports should be increased and Imports should be reduced. Direct and indirect taxes of the imported goods (especially for food) should be reduced.


Direct Tax

Indirect Tax


Rs. 4100 crore

Rs. 24000 crore


Rs. 23000 crore

Rs. 166000 crore

90– 92percent of the government’s income is received through the taxes in which 80 percent comes through the indirect taxes that are charged from the people. Cost of living keeps on increasing.

According to the budget 2015, Rs.3200 billion is annual expenditures whereas Rs.1500 billion is annual income. I.e. Expenditure: Income= 1:2. Meanwhile, foreign and domestic debts are Rs. 1800 billion. The debts to be paid annually are Rs.1265 billion. In May2014,the total foreigndebts are 42.4 billion American Dollars. All the incomes are used to pay the debts. That is why; each individual in our country is subjected to Rs449000 as debt burden on them.

Development and Corruption

InternationalAnti-CorruptionDay started observing from09.12.2005 onwards. It was declared to protest against corruptionat international level. The scandals committed at the top level of the government are considered as themassivecorruptions. Political, legalandeconomicactivitiesin ourcountry are worse affected by these massive corruptions. The corruptions should be completely abolished if the 100 percent development is really needed. Givingmoneyto buyvotes can also be considered as corruption. The country will be subjected to the complete destruction through loosing honesty, truth, and etc when corruption takes place. Thus, the economies of the vulnerable people who are below the poverty line are worse affected. Developmenthas been taking placeevery yearin every country. Many developmentprojectshave beenimplementedin Sri Lanka as well. But, most of the projects among these benefit only those who are in power and rich. Millionsof money was shared among them for filling their pockets through these projects. The cost of living in our country is raised up enormously as the people pay off the debt, cause of the corruptions and for implementing the unnecessary development schemes, through direct and indirect taxes.

Forexample, the length of railway track laid from Vavuniya to Thalai Mannar is 106kilometers. The actual cost per kilometer of this was 0.5 million American Dollars. But it was deceptively shown into account that the cost per kilometer of this project had been 2.18 million American Dollars. This means, 436% was added with the actual cost in order to show deceptively. The total cost of that was 23.1 crore.

The worst above all is the construction of 28 kilometers long roadbetweenMatarapeliyattai. The total cost of this project was 292 million American Dollars. I.e. in this project 2086% was added with the actual cost in order to show into the account deceptively. Many of the projects like these have made the people debtors.

The cost of the Kaddunayaka express way, Kadawatte- keravalappittiya highway, Matara –Beliattarailway were deceptively shown into the account as 505%, 2062% and 2086% more than the actual cost respectively.

Rs.600 billion was spent for the 20developmentprojectsinHambantota. The government is still ready to spend more money for the projects inHambantota. The daily income from the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is Rs.16, 000, which is even not enough to meetthe costofthewater in this airport.

53 billion was spent for the 32 km long express way from Hambantota fort to Mattala Airport. I.e. Rs. 1.6 billion was spent per kilometer. However, this route is not used by many. Development schemes should be publicized and people-oriented. Forexample, road traffics are to be come across due to the conveyance of goods along it. The needful measures should be taken to develop the railway transportation to overcome this issue. Less than 5% of the conveyances of goods are transported through the railway transportation.

The public sector

The number of workers in public sector in 2005 was 644 000 that had been increased to 14 lakhs in 2014. Thus, the number of public sector workers was increased as in a manner to be 1 public sector worker for every 17. The salaries for them are 24% of the Gross Domestic Product (Rs.411 billion). Even at least 5% of the ethnic minorities that represent 25% of the total population were not recruited in the public sector. Thus, there is regression in implementing the language rights. The president stated that the number of workers in public sector would be increased to 15 lakhs. It will definitely increase the tax burden on the people. It can be avoided by increasing the job opportunities in private sector and promoting the self-employment schemes. For the past 10 years, growth without jobs has been being shown. New industrial sectors were not made.

Pension is paid in the public money. Therefore, paying pension does not support the growth of our country and the people in any sort. In 2013, 136 billion was spent for paying pensions to 521,700 pensioners. This expenditure will always be increased each year and never be decreased. 24% of GDP is allocated to the salaries of the public sector. The allocations for the payable interests of the state debt, debt repayments and grants are 25%, 13.4% (1163 billion) and 15% respectively. In which, SriLankanAirlines, Mattala International Airport and thePetroleum Corporation operated at the losses of 30 billion, 2250 million and 421 billion respectively in 2013. The expected revenue from these institutions in 2014 was Rs.1426 billion. However, the derived revenue from these institutions was just Rs. 1100 billion. That isa 24percentloss.


Weareliving today in a circumstance in whicheducationis completely politicized. 6per centof GDPshould be allocatedfor education as per the expectation of the people. 2.6percent of GDP was allocated for education in 2006. This allocation was declined to 1.31% in year 2012. Then it was further declined to 1.49% in 2013 and to 1.31% in 2014. How can be achieved growth in education, if the situation prevails like this? Rs. 47.6 billion which is 1.5% of GDP was allocated for education in budget 2015. Despite 5 years past after the end of war, Rs. 342.5billion is allocated to MinistryofDefenseandUrban Development. Therefore, our country no longer has free education. Though the total expenditure in this budget was approved to be increased to Rs. 35600 crore, the money allocated for the education is not enough. Though it is said that 100000 students would be provided the admission for university studies in coming5 years, no adequate money is allocated for that.


The annual budgetallocationfor health care, which is 1.7% of GDP, is not enough as per the increasing populationgrowth. The worst above all, the National Medicinal Drugs Policy approved by the cabinet in 2005 yet to be implemented. If it had been implemented, the prices of the 75% of drugs would have been reduced. But, 400 companies that import drugs provide 25 lakhs to each of the few politicians in power. Consequent to that, 10000 crore is plundered at the top level.

InSri Lanka,134mothersdie atahundred thousandbirths. Poverty and indirect starvation are the mainreasonsfor this.Despite heath facilities are available in our country; these facilities could only be experienced bythetop level people.


According to the export earnings in 2013, Rs. 190.8 billion and Rs. 124 billion gained through the tea and rubber exports respectively. Thus, 23% of export earnings have been gained through the plantation sector. Export earnings gained in year 2000 were 35% of GDP. But, it was decreased to 16% in 2014. The main income of the today’s government is tax. This tax further pushes these people into poverty.

Untiltoday,these people have been living underthe poverty line without properincome and the rights to land, housing andlanguage. As these people left isolated from the national mainstream, human rights to them are worse affected.


Expected foreign direct investment in 2013 was 2 billion American Dollars. But only 916 million American Dollars was received. It is muchlowerthan that ofother countries. Forexample,foreign direct investment in Vietnam for the year2013 was 12 billion American Dollars. Today, grassroots who are 20% of the total population gains only 4% of GDP as their income whereas richest people who are 20% of the total population gains 55% of GDP as their income. Only 67billionrupees had been spent for agriculture in 2013 though the allocated money for agriculture in that year was 111 billion rupees. 30% of people in Sri Lanka are involved in agriculture. But the expenditures for defense sector goes on increasingevery year. In 2013,170billionrupees had been spent while the allocated money for that year was 190billionrupees. 80percent of theprojectsinthe 2014budgethave not been completed. 77 newprojectshave been includedinthe 2015 budget. Themajorquestionsarise, such as whether these projects will be implemented and how could the required money for these projects be received.


Today,our country isgraduallyaway fromthe non-alignedpolicy and become enslaved to China. The debt received from China is during the period from 1971 to 2012 is 505 6000 millionUS dollars. 98percentof this debtis receivedon the basis ofcommercial interest. 94percentof whichis gainedduring the period from 2005 to 2012 (476100 crore American Dollars). Technical knowhow and the workers (1 lakh) are belonging to China. Thehouses for these Chinese workerswerebuilthere. Therefore, we cannot impact on the technological developments and the employment opportunities. It caused cultural disasters also. They may be possibly provided the lands to be owned by them. They sold out the sovereignty of this country while claiming that they would never cede the sovereignty. It causes annoyance in the international arena. During the periodfrom 2012 to2014,Chinapledgedto provideaid worth of 2180millionUSdollars.

China provides finance through its Asian Infrastructure investment Bank. The money should be additionally allocated for the Bank Management also. Chinese investment plays a vital role in Sri Lanka today. Massive economic problems may arise in our country owing to the Chinese investment, technology and the workers. In 2014, China increased its defense budget by 12%. That is 131 billion American Dollars. China keeps the ports and airports in Sri Lanka under its control as it takes the control of the ports and airports of many countries in order to strengthen the “Silk Road” with the intention of strengthening its maritime power so as to be the regional power. As a result, our relationship with the neighboring India will gradually suffer.

For the first phase of the construction works of Hambantotaport, 85% of its expenditure (30 crore and 70 lakhs American Dollars) was provided by China. 81 crore American Dollars was estimated as the cost for the second phase. Alternative delivery agreement, which is valid for 35 years, was made when Chinese President Xi Jinping’s September, 2014 visit to Sri Lanka. In accordance with that agreement, four of the container terminals among the seven terminals are going to be handed over to the Chinese companies.

Next one is theColombocity project.It isamassiveproject.Asa result, 233hectaresof land from the seawill be taken overat the cost of 140 crore American Dollars. This project was inaugurated by the Chinese president Xi Jinping when his visit to Sri Lanka on 17th of September, 2014. 125hectares of land will always belong to Sri Lanka whereas the remaining 88hectares will beleasedfor99years to China. 20 hectareswill be assigned toChinain terms ofopenrailings. Thus, either half of it or slightlyless thanhalf of itwill be comeunderthe control of China.

By considering these deeply, it could be said that Sri Lanka will most probably be come under the Chinese influence in the future.

Today, our country is dictatorially militarized and has been putinto adangeroussituation. Getting the vigilance in this regard, the people should understand their obligation to make the regime change that could lead to good governance, freedom and eradication of poverty. The people should understand that this the highest time for them to change the regime.

If you want your future generationsto liveina safeand democraticenvironment, you should cast your votes wisely and thoughtfully. Do not forget that this majorresponsibility is in your hands. Do not give uptherights by just going behind theprivileges. You have the strength to choose.


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