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Women’s day: Actress Namitha’s point of view..

Many of  you must be wondering why I didn’t give many wishes out to many of  my fans n friends.  But the truth is I don’t feel like celebrating this day as I feel we r millions of miles away from really understanding the meaning of it.

According to NCRB 93 women get raped every single day in our country! ! 93! Isn’t that a shame?! I sometimes wonder at the hypocrisy of our society as I see that people be it male or female, who wait from the dawn of early morning to have 1 Auspicious Darshan at Amman’s temple, the very same people will later either abuse thr wives n children or rape an innocent 3 year old child. These people have no conscience many of my friends say that I’m a  very strong Feminist.  But in my defense I’d say that in our today’s world where women like Sunita Williams n Kalpana Chawala are priding our country’s name all the way to the space we still have a long way to go when it comes to respecting women. I’m just a woman who wants equal rights n respect to men! The day we won’t get whistled on to, the day we will stop getting raped the day we all will get the Respect that we deserve, will be the day I’ll celebrate Women’s Day!!

Until then I’ll just keep busy in changing the view of few close people whom I know . N why not?! At least I’ve started with my own family n friends.